spacebuilder Spacebuilder is a web application for searching and browsing the world’s largest collection of high-resolution room impulse responses (acoustical measurements). It is intended as a search interface for reverberation effects in audio production contexts. It makes extensive use of the 3D graphics library three.js and the Web Audio API.

webtet WebTET (Web-based Technical Ear Trainer) is an application to teach critical listening skills to sound engineers. It is the companion software to a popular textbook. A free version is accessed by thousands of users each month; an institutional version is used by a half-dozen leading universities, colleges and conservatories in North America and Europe.

virb VIRB (Visual Impulse Response Browser) is a graphical search interface for collections of virtual acoustic spaces. Each space is displayed as an icon whose visual properties (e.g. colour, size, distance) reflect its acoustic properties (e.g. brilliance, reverberance, clarity). It builds on research reported in my dissertation.